Rosa Luxemburg (bittern)

48,40  VAT included

"I was. I am. I will be". Bittern

Measures: 50x70cm
Colors: 2 inks
Paper: Fabriano laid gray 200 gr/m2
Stamping: artisan


The leadership has failed. Even so, the leadership can and must be regenerated from the masses. The masses are the decisive element, they are the foundation on which to build the final victory of the revolution. The masses were at the same height; they have become this defeat in one of the defeats in history, which will be the pride and strength of international socialism. And this is why the future victory will emerge from this defeat.’The order reigns in Berlin!’ ¡Stupid henchmen! Your ‘order’ is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will rise vibrant and announce with its fanfare, for fear of you: I was, I am, and I will be!

Last words of the thinker Rosa Luxemburg. Just the night before that the social-democracy betrayed the German people, at the dawn of a proletarian revolution is quickly removed by the bourgeois state. Karl Liebknecht and she, detenidxs, torturadxs and asesinadxs by the mercenaries in the pay of this state, still stand firm its spacious fronts because they were, we are, we are, and we will overcome!